from scratch

As Creative Director and UI designer at shetani, I worked with docunite on a new corporate and brand identity.

  • Creative Direction
  • Conception
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Webdevelopment
UI Case Study by Björn Wieland


not too clear not that abstract...

I developed a significant simple logo which describes the topic by a certain degree of abstraction. The logo frame describes isometrically a cube representative of the topic data rooms. Viewed in two dimensions, the upper part of the frame describes a rooftop and serves as a link to real estate asset management. In the middle, a circle symbolizes docunite as a central asset management platform and data interface.

Docunite corporate logo conception

During the process I created several versions, of which three made it into the final selection. The decisive hint came from our customer, which I was able to agree to a final version to all satisfaction.


Docunite corporate logo progress sketch

Build it up...

In the further process I created basic elements of the new corporate design. Color palettes and house colors were defined, as well as a house font. In color theory, violet stands above all for power. It represents a balance between red and blue. So docunite should represent the balance between analogue document management and digitized transactions. A powerful tool for intelligent document management.

Docunite gadgets mockup

In addition to meaningful business cards, the young company wanted to be present as quickly as possible in the target industry so give-aways and fair goodies in form of pens and notebooks where labeld and produced.

Docunite ballpoint pen preview


They like to move it! Me, too!

Dounite needed a manageable and representative website, which provides the user with important information about the company and the platform. Potential new customers, investors and potential team reinforcement should be addressed equally. The website was initially designed as an onepager, with the option of modular extensions and page-by-page growth in the future.

Docunite mobile view of asset lifecycle
Docunite mobile home landing page
Docunite mobile view of plattform
Docunite mobile view of asset lifecycle

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