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As a case study, I developed a dashboard for project-dependent estimated and really worked hours.

  • Creative Direction
  • Conception
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
UI Case Study by Björn Wieland


The problem…

No matter which time recording tool you use, having an overview is often very difficult. The tool-related dashboards are often confusing and offer ‘too much‘ information or not the information you need for a quick overview.

For this reason, I started to think conceptually about a tool that solves exactly these problems.

The solution…

Like in a greenhouse where plants can be grown, from the seed to the finished plant. My claim to the UI was to be as transparent as the windows of a greenhouse where you can see your projects growing.

First design concept: Login Screen of glasshouse project management tool

Only 3 Steps!

Creating a project should be as easy as possible. How to sow seeds in fresh soil. Of course, this involves an initial effort and careful preparatory work, but the process itself should be straightforward and intuitive. The analogy of the greenhouse fits well here, since you have all projects in one place in the initial phase. Depending on the course of the project, it can later be outsourced or transplanted

Glasshouse user interface with 'add project' wizard

Keep things simple!

An intuitively usable interface with short paths to the goal should keep the frustration of the user in everyday work as low as possible and also release and accelerate internal processes. When maintaining their projects, the user should not lose focus or be distracted by unnecessary widgets and options, as is known in many existing software solutions.

Glasshouse user interface with project overview and snackbar messages

One of three…

Glasshouse should be one of three software solutions hopefully developed by shetani soon. The idea that projects are growing and that at some point these topics may no longer be maintainable in the same place gave me the idea of ​​expanding the initial single-cell solution by two more instances.

Outlook to the three projects in a row

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